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ahah oops.
step one to sleeping is getting off tumblr xD

Goodnight all <3

Even though I have a day left at home before school starts,
please wish me a semester of good company, long-term friendships, cute boys, and skinship. 
Maybe good grades and a sense of direction for my career [in regards to my passion] as well ahahaha

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"I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be."

- Ken Venturi (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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so I used to get 100-pack of Oolong tea bags for around $3.45 and now it’s been hella weeks and the store hasnt had them… like what am I supposed to do? buy a 24 pack for the same price at raley’s? no. thanks.
the next best thing would be…? buying online… the same 100 pack for 7 something. this is banans. oolong is what slims me down when I’m not working out xD 
ah. damn I have to somehow not think of the fact that I shouldve had that bikini bod by now. xD. well. the new clothes will help with that… but still. 

gotta get the sleep back to normal too.
[good luck with that xD]

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so I actually “cleaned” today.
I have more floor space in my room… I’m feeling like this isn’t such an uphill battle anymore. I didnt really touch my closet/clothes , but I already saw stuff I can get rid of. Like the bathrobe I had before my current one. xD. and my default high school sweatshirt. 
I wonder how much of a difference it would make if just got rid of clothes that i dont wear… that’s a good starting point (and something my mom had suggested from the beginning. 

ah. this is nice… they said decluttering your space helps declutter your mind and spirit… *sighs* I should’ve started this process earlier… Just getting the space to look clean and then keeping in mind what I can get rid of… a lot of my stuff is still in boxes from the moves of 2012, so I just opened them and wrote what’s inside on a stickynote and that can save me trouble in the future… now if I could feel this comfortable about the rest of the house.

ah. and I also just now realized the benefit of textbooks in loose-leaf form… I dont need to take the whole book with me to school :3
[last time i had a loose leaf book was at community where… I didnt need to bring books because I wasnt on campus forever *_*]

my spacebar is being annoying again though xD.
I hope I’m ready for school… I still have to empty out my binder from last semester. OTL

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